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Juice Cleanse FAQ

Q: Is the juice programme suitable for me?

A: Anyone can go on a juice programme. However if you have a medical condition, we highly recommend you to consult your doctor first. 


Q: Can I lose weight by going on the juice programme?

A: The aim of a juice programme is to give your body a break and to clean it from the inside out. On a side note, most of our customers find they shed a kilo or two. 


Q: Can I be on the juice programme if I am lactose intolerant or on a gluten-free diet?

A: Yes! All our juices and nut milks are plant based and totally dairy-free and gluten-free. 


A: Can I still work while on the juice programme?

Yes! You can go about your daily routine. However, do try to avoid strenuous or highly stressful activities. 


Q: Can I eat while on the juice programme?

The purpose of a juice programme is for your body to take a break from processing food. However, if you need to munch on something, you can have a little fruit, raw nuts or some hot vegetable broth. 


Q: What should I do to prepare for a juice programme?

A: Eat light meals on the days preceding the start of your juice programme. If fruits and vegetables hardly appear on your plate, try adding some. Do not overeat or stuff yourself because you know you will be starting on a juice cleanse. Prepare yourself mentally and maybe get a friend or two to join you so you can encourage each other! 


Q: How will my body respond?

A: Everyone’s body is different therefore your body will respond to a juice programme differently from others. Most people experience heightened energy levels, a sense of cleanness and an overall renewal of mind and body. However, for those who are used to getting their caffeine fix daily may experience slight headaches. 


(2-3 days before)
  • Eat light meals before the start of the juice programme. Do not overeat or stuff yourself because you know you will be starting on the juice programme.

  • Have more vegetables and fruit in your diet.

  • Avoid alcohol and caffeine.

  • Have sufficient rest and sleep.

  • Be prepared mentally. A great way to stay motivated during the juice programme is to get a friend to do on the Go! Free Juice Programme with you. Letting your gamily and friends know that you're embarking on a juice programme would help you stay encouraged with their support.

  • Pick a good date to start on the juice programme. Avoid a time when you will face intense pressure, such as at work.

! To be sure you are suitable for a juice programme check with your doctor first*.

*Disclaimer: Juice Up makes NO guarantee, promises or claims about the efficacy of its programme as results may vary from individual to individual. The information, products and services should not be misconstrued as medical advice. You should consult your physician first, informing him fully of the nature of the Juice Up programme. Customers assume full responsibility for their decision to participate in Juice Up’s programme(s). Juice Up will not be held responsible for any medical, financial or otherwise whatsoever consequence – whether foreseen or unforeseen – as a result of customers’ participation. 

  • Drink your juices at intervals of 2 hours.

  • Hydrate yourself with lots of water between juices and throughout the day.

  • Try not to pack your day with stressful activities and strenuous exercise.

  • Have sufficient rest and sleep.

  • Opt for relaxing activities such as a going for a facial, massage, a walk in the park or something that makes you happy.

  • If you need to drink something warm, you may have a hot ginger tea or chamomile tea.

  • Enjoy the process! If you really feel you need to munch on something, try a vegetable broth, some raw nuts or celery/carrot/cucumber sticks.


  • Eat light meals after the juice programme and have foods like soups, vegetables and steamed food.

  • Start incorporating foods like meat gradually into your diet.