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Here's what some of our customers have said about our juices:
Helene Perrin Averous
Wonderful way to do a detox without any worries of what to buy, what to prepare! Different tasty fresh juices throughout the day, that I enjoyed a lot! Even the kids asked me to try to taste as I was saying how good they were! Wonderful follow up of Yasmine too who cares and is here to help in case!
Definitely a detox done with pleasure and relaxed! My husband tried the 3 days one and even if he struggled, the fact that all is ready and different through the day made him go through! Yay!
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Lay Yen Lim
This is the first time I'm trying out the cold pressed juice. Initially I'm quite skeptical of it due to the price and whether it will really benefits me. I took up the 1 day program and it goes pretty well. So I continue to took up the 6 session program for 3 consecutive weeks. It did help to maintain my healthy diet and with exercise regularly. My weight did went down and progressing well so far.
Not to forget, thank you for the great service from Yasmin and Pearl =)
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Minhua Li
tried my first juice cleanse with Juix Up and it was an amazing experience! ordered in the morning and received in the evening of the same day, much thanks to Yasmin! she also consistently checked in with me on my progress which was very encouraging along the way. the juices are so refreshing and tasty, made me look forward to the next bottle. surprisingly i didnt feel hungry nor did i need any other food while on the juices. after the cleanse I felt that my body was more ready for healthy and clean eating. gonna do this again!
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WS Tang

Thank you Yasmin and team for the wonderful juices. The juices were super great. Initially, I was rather worried about the taste of kale and other veges but the combination were super perfect. Both my hubby and son loved them very much as well. Will definitely recommend your juices to my friends and relatives.
For those who are worried about the haze, do grab the juices and drink to better health!
Thumbs up!

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Isabel L. A. Frango
Thanks JuixUp for your great tasting juices! I'm doing the 5-day detox with by buddy and am loving it! The detox is very well designed and the way the juices are arranged is perfect! So happy to have found you!
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Vanessa Chien Ling
I ordered Go Glow. Juices are concentrated and delicious. I added chia seeds to some of them for more oomph. Yasmin's service and delivery was impeccable. I'm not sure if cold pressed juices can really detox or help lose weight (not proven nor is there enough anecdotal evidence) but they are surely yummy and nutritious.
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