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Q: Are there any delivery fees?

Orders above $250.00 comes with a free delivery to one location in Singapore. Delivery is $7.00 for orders below $250.00.

Q: When will my order be delivered?

Upon receipt of your order, Juix Up will contact you by SMS within 1 day to arrange for a delivery date and time.

*Please ensure that your delivery location has a refrigerator to store the cold-pressed juices in.

Q: How many days in advance of my preferred delivery date do I need to place my order?

Place your order at least 3 days ahead of your preferred delivery date.


Promotion codes

Q: Can I use more than 1 promotion or coupon code for each order?

Only 1 promotion or discount code may be used for each order.


Cold-Pressed Juices

Q: Is sugar added to your cold-pressed juices?

A: Absolutely no sugar is added at all!

Q: Are the cold-pressed juices pasteurised or do they contain preservatives?

A: Our juices unpasteurised and are preservative-free.

Q: I am lactose intolerant/on a gluten-free diet. Can I drink your juices?

A: Yes. All our juices and nutmylks are plant based and totally dairy and gluten-free.

Q: Why does the same cold-pressed juice flavour taste different from time to time?

A: The produce we use are from various countries and the crop might vary from season to season. Rest assured that Juix Up ensures the freshness of the fruits and vegetables to press your juices!

Juice Cleanse Programme

Q: Is the juice programme suitable for me?

A: Anyone can go on a juice programme. However if you have a medical condition, we highly recommend you to consult your doctor first. 

Q: Can I lose weight by going on the juice programme?

A: The aim of a juice programme is to give your body a break and to clean it from the inside out. On a side note, most of our customers find they shed a kilo or two. 

Q: Can I be on the juice programme if I am lactose intolerant or on a gluten-free diet?

A: Yes! All our juices and nut milks are plant based and totally dairy-free and gluten-free. 

A: Can I still work while on the juice programme?

Yes! You can go about your daily routine. However, do try to avoid strenuous or highly stressful activities. 

Q: Can I eat while on the juice programme?

The purpose of a juice programme is for your body to take a break from processing food. However, if you need to munch on something, you can have a little fruit, raw nuts or a hot vegetable broth. 

Q: What should I do to prepare for a juice programme?

A: Eat light meals on the days preceding the start of your juice programme. If fruits and vegetables hardly appear on your plate, try adding some. Do not overeat or stuff yourself because you know you will be starting on a juice cleanse. Prepare yourself mentally and maybe get a friend or two to join you so you can encourage each other! 

Q: How will my body respond?

A: Everyone’s body is different therefore your body will respond to a juice programme differently from others. Most people experience heightened energy levels, a sense of cleanness and an overall renewal of mind and body. However, for those who are used to getting their caffeine fix daily may experience slight headaches. 

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