Adding a juixy twist to your events 

A splash of colour and a dose of natural goodness, that's what we bring to the table. Whether it is for a corporate branding event or a personal celebration, we've got a rainbow of juice ideas for you. 

We've got your backs! 

Here are our offerings: 
Customised juice blends 
Our juice creatives can craft a customised juice blend to suit your event or preferences

Fresh juices in dispensers 
Allow your guests to help themselves to their favourites at juice stations

Customised packaging
Create your own label on our juice bottles

Live juicing & juice bars 
Add a little spice to your events with live juicing and juice bar services for a fun and memorable event

Bulk orders 
Our magic kitchen is ever-ready to handle larder orders for any events or wellness activities that require some juixy fix 

Feel free to contact us and let's juice away!

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